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What is the Neighbourhood Partnership for Buckskin and South Ham?

The Neighbourhood Partnership is a voluntary partnership that brings together community representatives with service providers to enable local people to influence and improve the quality of life in their community. Its aim is to work together to come up with solutions that respond to local community priorities.

What are the main responsibilities of the Neighbourhood Partnership?

The main responsibilities of the Neighbourhood Partnership are:

  • to ensure local residents have a voice in the decisions that affect their area
  • to involve the community in shaping local services
  • to agree, adopt and champion community-led plans that fall within the wards of Buckskin and South Ham
  • to oversee and monitor the implementation of the action plans resulting from community-led plans
  • to work in partnership with all agencies to meet identified community need
  • to act as a consultative body for the area
  • to agree and oversee the allocation of any funding streams and grants that may be available for the Neighbourhood Partnership to further its aims

What will the Neighbourhood Partnership do?

The Neighbourhood Partnership will aim to:

  • involve the wider community in local initiatives and ensure they are given the chance to express their views
  • identify local priorities as a focus for action in Buckskin and South Ham
  • respond to consultations on issues that are important to the local areas
  • report on actions.

Further information

For more information, please refer to our Terms of Reference that was agreed in September 2013.

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